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Creating and training new young organists.                                  

The PipeUp scheme is based within the Diocese of Salisbury, supported by the Tindall Trust.  Running for 7 years, PipeUp has trained over 40 new young organists.


Because teachers receive a subsidy from the Tindall trust, they are able to give lessons at a reduced cost; usually £10 or £15 ph.  Careful selection and training of our teachers guarantees an excellent standard of instruction for children and young people on the scheme.


Students generally begin aged 10-12 and continue to 18.  It is not essential that they have keyboard skills, but it helps greatly if they have achieved a keyboard grade of 3 or above.  They ought to be tall enough to reach the organ pedals.


In addition to recruiting new students by word of mouth and through teachers' personal contacts, PipeUp also arranges open days for interested children and parents to experience organ music and try the various instruments available for teaching.


PipeUp can also help with finding organs upon which to practise.


For more information, contact Dr Richard Godfrey on 01297 445709 or 0788 438 7663.

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