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Saturday teaching has been taking place at St. Mary's Dorchester for six years under the direction of Dr. Richard Godfrey.  25 young organists have been trained, with several achieving distinctions in ABRSM examinations.  Some now play regularly in churches.


Teaching sometimes also takes place at other churches in Dorchester and in St Lawrence Upwey.


Most teaching is one to one.  Occasional concerts and other plenary sessions are arranged.


The Dorchester students will be giving a concert in St Michael's Parish Church Lyme Regis on Sunday October 15, 2017.


Pupils attending the workshops in Dorchester have recently visited France with Richard Godfrey. 'After frequently telling PipeUp students in Dorchester and Lyme Regis that French organ music only sounds really right on a French organ, I decided that we should give them a chance to hear the real thing.'



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The Peter Collins organ in St. Mary's on which workshops and lessons take place. It has three manuals and is based on a classical design with mechanical actions.

PipeUp Dorchester trip to Evreux.  

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Evreux Trip